Welcome to IFEDA

What is IFEDA?

This month’s course focus:
Fire alarm maintenance

This course covers an overview of BS 5839 part 1, system components and positioning, maintenance requirements, practical application, and servicing. It also covers required record keeping.

This one day course also includes fault-finding on both addressable and non-addressable systems and finishes with a written examination to test comprehension and an ability to navigate the British Standard.

Who is it for?

If you are a fire extinguisher technician; an owner or manager of a fire protection company, this course is for you.

What’s involved?

To understand fire alarm system components, their positioning and maintenance requirements. Practical application, testing and fault finding. False alarm management and required maintenance documentation.

This one day course culminates in a written exam.

Next course running in Manchester 12th October 
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“I was really impressed by both fire alarm tutors industry knowledge, but in particular
their teaching styles; they were both very engaging which made the courses much
more interesting and made the information stick. I will highly recommend your
courses to colleagues in the future.”
Michael G, Fire Alarm Technician