Fire Industry Training

IFEDA runs a number of fire industry training courses, relevant courses are obviously BAFE approved. From fire extinguisher technicians training to fire alarm training, fire awareness to dry riser training, ensure your technicians are thoroughly trained to a high standard. With dedicated training venues these courses are run by professional, industry approved trainers. To begin the booking process please click here.  


N.B if you make a booking via the website and have not received an invoice within 3 working days please call us (01280 817583) or email us direct on

A pdf of initial training dates for 2020 can be found here QC23 - Training Dates 2020 Final

IFEDA Fire extinguisher technicians full course – 4 days

  • Andover dates:  12 -15th Jan, 9 - 12th Mar, 11 - 14th May
  • Chester dates:  9 - 12th Feb, 20 -23rd Apr, 8 - 11 Jun
  • Caerphilly dates:  9th - 12th Feb Extra course 13 - 16th Apr, 3 - 6th Aug
  • Grantham, Lincs:  16 - 19th Mar, 23 - 26th Jun

Jan/Feb courses cancelled due to covid

Cost (ex VAT): Prices from £690 + vat

IFEDA Fire extinguisher technicians refresher training – 1 day

  • Andover dates:  11th Jan, 8th Mar, 10th May
  • Chester dates: 8th Feb, 19th Apr, 7th Jun
  • Caerphilly dates: 8th Feb Extra Course, 12 Apr, 2nd Aug, 15th Nov
  • Grantham dates:15th Mar, 21st Jun, 18th Oct
  • Exeter dates: 21 Jan 2021
  • Great Yarmouth: 
  • Glasgow: 27 Jan 2021

    Cost (ex VAT): Prices from £185.00

Stop Press: Any refresher courses planned for January and/or February will now run by Zoom at 09:30 on the planned date as above. Please contact us by email if you are booked on or would like to take part. The advertised rate will be reduced.

Refresher training can be run at your premises dependent on minimum numbers and trainer availability.

Refilling & Recharging Stored Pressure Extinguishers

  • Cannock: 26th Aug
  • Grantham: TBA
  • Andover: TBA
  • Chester: 25th Nov

Cost (ex VAT): Prices from £185 + vat

This course can be run at your premises dependent on minimum numbers and trainer availability.

Fire Detection Systems & Alarms – An Introduction to Design

  • Bury:  
  • Southampton: 
  • Exeter: 
  • Warrington:

Cost (ex VAT): Prices from £225

Fire Detection Systems & Alarms Installation & Commissioning

  • Bury: 
  • Southampton dates:  
  • Exeter: 
  • Warrington, Cheshire:

Cost (ex VAT): Prices from £225

Fire Detection Systems & Alarms – Maintenance

  • Bury: 
  • Southampton dates: 
  • Exeter: 
  • Warrington, Cheshire: 

Cost (ex VAT): Prices from £225;

IFEDA Hose reel technicians training

  • Chester (Mold) dates: 

Cost (ex VAT): Prices from £285.00

IFEDA Dry riser technicians training

  • Bury (Manchester)  dates: 

Prices from £285.00

Understanding Fire Risk Assessments

  • Mold/Chester: xxx
  • Andover: xxx
  • Grantham: xxx

Cost (ex vat): Prices from £235

This training course can be run at your premises dependent on minimum numbers and trainer availability.

IFEDA Fire awareness trainers course (train the trainer)

  • Mold/Chester dates: 26/27th Nov
  • Andover dates: 28/29 Oct

Cost (ex VAT): Prices from £410.00

Safety Signage – a technical perspective

  • Bury Date:

Cost (ex vat): Prices from £70.00

All the training courses run by IFEDA have been awarded CPD status from The Construction CPD Certification Scheme read the full release.

Please note: Receiving training from IFEDA does not entitle you, or your company, to display the IFEDA logo this is for full members only: passing a course is not membership – membership of IFEDA is separate from training.