Extinguisher technician’s refresher – 1 day

Course description

Fire extinguisher technicians refresher course. Training and testing of extinguisher service technicians.

This course is recognised by BAFE as satisfying the training requirements of Scheme SP101 and listed as such by BS5306 part 3 Annex I, which recommends that the competent person having passed the described examination e.g. IFEDA, FETA (FIA), BFC etc should attend a refresher course at least every three years*, which satisfies the following criteria:

  • Minimum duration one day and concludes with a written test of understanding for the competent person
  • Likely to include: British Standards; Commissioning services; Basic services; Extended services; Recharging; Overhauling; New classes of fire; New products in the market place; Relevant UK statutory regulations including fire legislation
  • * please note that BS5306-3: 2017 requires that the maximum period between refresher certificates shall be 3 years and 6 months. After that time another full course will be necessary.
  • Any one day refresher courses planned for January, February or March will take place by Zoom on the date listed below. There will be no more on-line refreshers after the lifting of lockdown. 

Duration: 1 day, usually Monday unless marked *

Dates 2021:


12th Apr TBA

2nd Aug

15th Nov



26th Apr

21st Jun

18th Oct



19th Apr

7th Jun

9th Aug


10th May

12th Jul

13th Sept

Extra dates:

By Zoom 7th April






Prices from £185 ex Vat


Fire extinguisher technicians refresher course (click here to download PDF)


This course has been independently certified as conforming to accepted CPD guidelines, as accredited by the Construction CPD certification scheme.


"The fire extinguisher refresher course paid for itself in days, it’s good for our
technicians to hear an independent point of view and understand the liabilities to
clients, our firm and themselves. The BS 5306 Pt8 element has really helped our
technicians’ self-assurance when discussing additional equipment with customers."
Robert C, Company Owner