Fight or flight, Risk injury or watch your property and possessions burn?

There are numerous every day and discretionary activities which carry similar or higher levels of risk in comparison to using fire extinguishers. DIY, sport and drinking are all activities which are responsible for numerous injuries or fatalities. Despite this, they are not generally discouraged, banned or made available only to certain trained groups (except for the age limit for drinking). The point is that risk tolerance in relation to dwelling fires is not closely aligned between the professions and the public. Neither does it seem consistent in comparison to other activities which carry equal or greater risk and yet are not discouraged by government or guidance. And yet, the benefits achievable by using a fire extinguisher in this course of action by the public are significant, given the potential for a fire to otherwise lead to detrimental and life-changing outcomes.
Go to the below link and scroll to section 5 to read the full section it proves people will take the risk and the majority of people don’t get hurt.