Fire Blankets – Safety Recall

Please be aware that following a RAPEX notice in the Netherlands (a Europe wide product safety alerting scheme) and a subsequent restriction on the sale of all fire blankets tested to BS1869 : 1997 we have been advised by UTC (Chubb) that they have withdrawn two of their fire blankets from sale in the UK. They are branded products from Thomas Glover and Kidde Safety Europe. The products can be seen on the attached notices.

We are also aware that the fire blankets are from a third party supplier and are supplied to other outlets under other brand names. Please note that these are kite-marked products and we cannot make any comment (other than the fact that UTC has seen fit to withdraw them) with regards to suitability or the efficacy of other ‘brands’ until BSI have carried out comprehensive tests.

As detailed below we are aware that both TG and Kidde will replace the products free of charge.

In the case of Thomas Glover we have the following from a letter sent to their customers and copied to the trade associations*:-

The containers of the potentially affected fire blankets are branded by TG and have the kitemark number KM 35021. A photograph is attached showing an example of the affected fire blankets and where the relevant identifying information can be located on the packaging.

TG Replacement scheme

As soon as replacement stock becomes available, TG will be initiating a free of charge replacement scheme which installation engineers will be asked to conduct as part of their normal regular servicing activities. The practical arrangements for replacement can be discussed direct with Thomas Glover, phone number below.

The letter goes on to include the following:-

BS 5306-8 standard (Fire extinguishing installations and equipment on premises, the “Standard”)

We draw your attention to the Standard which provides that fire extinguishers with class F fire rating should be used on cooking oil or fat fires. If on conducting your regular servicing, you identify a potentially affected fire blanket, we request that you draw the owner’s attention to the requirements of the Standard and remind the owner that in accordance with the Standard, they should not use the fire blanket on cooking oil or fat fires.

Background and safety concerns

In light of the broader industry-wide concerns raised in the Netherlands which culminated in joint industry corrective action with the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), a RAPEX notification being issued and the restriction of supply of fire blankets in the Netherlands, TG arranged for testing to be performed of fire blankets against the requirements of the applicable safety standard.

No reports of any safety incidents have been received to date. However, testing of certain fire blankets has identified a risk that the affected fire blankets may not fully extinguish an oil pan fire and/or may allow the fire to re-ignite very soon after application of the fire blanket. TG has now initiated a recall of the potentially affected fire blankets as a precautionary measure and will be obtaining a stock of replacement fire blankets which meet the British standard’s requirements.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the above, please contact your Account Manager or our Sales Manager Tracy Gregory on 07920 547848

*members may not be a direct customer of TG and could come across the blankets as part of their daily duties – we have been assured that the above holds true for all requests for replacement blankets as shown in the attached.

Kidde will also replace affected blankets free of charge – their contact details can be found on their attached notice to customers. Again, if you are not a direct customer the replacement scheme is still valid, please discuss direct with Kidde.

Fire Blanket Identification Markings TG

Recall Notice – Kidde Safety