Delayed response times (by fire rescue service)

Following on from the last section of the recently published research document the below is a Very interesting read especially for people not living within areas covered by full time fire stations.
In England the average response time to attend a primary fire in 2018-19 was 8 minutes and 43 seconds this is an increase of 11 seconds since 2017-18. However, the latest figures for HMO/ dwelling fires show a one second decrease which is a positive response. However, caution is suggested of this measure as it assumes that the public/occupant calls 999 immediately upon becoming aware of a fire. Studies have refuted this by demonstrating that some of them are active and willing to try and put the fire out themselves and only call 999 as a last result.
It is also assumed that the public/ occupant will exit the building and wait for the FRS to attend but again the studies demonstrate that this is untrue and they are often still active and re-enter the dwelling/ HMO.
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