The importance of extinguishers in HMO/domestic dwellings.

The public experience of fire is vastly different to that of the professionals involved in planning for, responding to and recovering from dwelling/HMO fires. Some key findings from research studies are set in the document and briefly identify desirable public-oriented outcomes under the headings of avoidance of embarrassment/inconvenience; damage to premises; injuries; people, pets and possessions and consequential impact.

Studies have shown that most of the public will attempt to extinguish a fire to protect family, friends, pets, valuables and loved ones.

When a fire extinguisher is used most of the public do avoid injury, not by luck, but through active decision-making and because of the relatively low level of risk they encounter in dwelling/HMO fires and they will either use a fire extinguisher or extinguish the fire by other means if necessary.

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An evaluation of the role of fire extinguishers (